Chester is a city that represents throughout the ages, with a little bit of something for everyone for a wonderful visit to a vibrant city.

Things To Do

Chester-Zoo-GuideChester Zoo is a wonderful day out for all the family. With one of the biggest conservation and research projects in any UK zoo, Chester Zoo is the most visited wildlife attraction in the UK. There’s always a new baby at the zoo with recent births including, Giant Otters, Rhinos, Giraffes and even a rare Okapi. Chester Zoo works very closely with other conservation agencies to ensure the survival of species dying out in the wild. The zoo also has other attractions, from its Christmas wonderlands to Dinosaur exhibitions. Catch one of the zoo’s many wildlife talks or see the animals from above on the monorail, you’ll be guaranteed a fantastic day out!

On a sunny day in Chester there is nothing better than a bit of fun on the river. Whether you row, peddle or sit back and relax on one of the river cruises there is no better way to enjoy the river. Not into being on the water? Take a stroll down the river banks, bask in the atmosphere, get an ice cream and admire the view. The amazing thing about the River Dee in Chester is how much it doesn’t feel like you’re in a city!

Take a stroll through Chester’s past and take a tour on the walls. The oldest parts of Chester date back to Roman times when the city was known as ‘Deva’. Just off the walls is the UK’s largest known Roman amphitheatre dating back nearly 2000 years. The current walls date back to medieval times and are the most complete walls of any UK city. The circuit is approximately 2 miles and there is only one break in the wall.

Visiting Chester’s cathedral is a must for any visitor to the city. With its gothic style and red sandstone exterior it is a unique piece of architecture.  It is a huge part of Chester’s history and a fantastic chance for a quiet moment of reflection in an otherwise bustling city.


Shopping in Chester is some of the best in the UK. With something for everyone, from hand made crafts, to expensive suits Chester really is a unique shopping experience. Take a wander into either of the shopping centres for a range of shops you’ll find in any city. But for a truly unique experience, hit the Rows; two levels of shops, one below ground level and one above. The Rows are filled with little boutiques, crafted into the wonderful architecture of the past. Take the steps down into one of the lower level shops (but watch your head!) and chances are you’ll find an underground cavern filled with hidden treasures. The Rows are all listed buildings so cannot be modified structurally, this gives the shops a unique feel unlike any other city shopping experience.

Eating and Drinking

Chester has many places to eat, whether it’s a full meal or just afternoon tea, you won’t be disappointed. There are many tea rooms on and off the walls in Chester. Getting afternoon tea in Chester is a must, if you fancy a reasonably priced brew and slice of homemade cake then feel free to stop at anyone of the cafés on the Rows or just off the walls; if you fancy something a little more upmarket head to the Grosvenor Hotel for something very special (make sure you book first)! If you fancy a nice meal, there’s a range of brilliant restaurants, Hickorys Smokehouse; an American BBQ on the banks of the river for the best BBQ ribs around or if you’re in the mood for Chinese, The Blue Bell is brilliant and just off the walls! But there is so many restaurants to choose from in Chester, go find your own gems.

Chester’s nightlife is very much up and coming, with bars such as Cruise, Rosie’s and Off the Wall to name a few. If you fancy a drink beforehand why not head down the canal and hit one of the bars/pubs set up in Chester’s old industrial warehouses, Telfords or Artichoke both have great atmospheres for a drink!

Chester is a wonderful city, with its modern vibe sinking into its rich past, this city is a must see! And before you ask; Yes, it is still technically legal to shoot a Welshman within the walls of Chester with a Longbow.