Experience Turkey’s rich tapestry of harems, glittering treasures, ornate palaces and mosques, mystical history, infamous kilim carpets, and legendary cuisine. Try some delicious Turkish snacks and invigorate yourself with a rigorous Ottoman hamam  before setting off to discover a range of unique Turkish experiences – from haggling in the labyrinthine depths of the bazaars and admiring unique architecture and buzzing cosmopolitan culture in the cities, to exploring the soaring mountains, visiting ancient ruins and Byzantine churches scattering the fields, bays and hills, and unwinding on the warm shores of the Mediterranean. There is something for everyone to discover and enjoy in Turkey.

British Airways offers direct flights between London and Turkey, flying into Istanbul, Dalaman, Ankara and Izmir. Turkish Airlines usually has direct flights only between London and Istanbul, and EasyJet flies direct between Luton and Istanbul. . Charter flights to Turkey are also available from Birmingham, Bristol, Gatwick, London, Manchester, Nottingham and Newcastle. It’s possible to find flights at even lower prices with other budget airlines, but these usually include a transit in a European city, so this will add to your flight time. Choose to travel off-peak and/or buy your tickets well in advance and you will find even better bargains.