Russia has a reputation for decadence and poverty in equal measure – and that only makes it all the more intriguing. In the major cities of Moscow and St Petersburg intricately detailed cathedrals compete for space with buzzing squares and historic monuments, and fairytale spires reach for the clouds – but the deeper you delve into this rich and enigmatic country, the more you will discover. Away from the cities in the vast open space, diverse landscapes of frozen tundra, brooding forests sun drenched beaches, and magnificent mountains offer up stunning natural beauty. Remote wooden villages seem lost in time, the inhabitants welcoming with curious glances. For sports and adventure Russia delivers the goods, being ideally suited for outdoor pursuits and there are some excellent ski resorts to boot. With such beautiful and dramatic places to visit, a tour to Russia will never disappoint.

If you want to get to Russia from the UK and you’re on a budget, we recommend you to book a direct flight with EasyJet which flies from Gatwick or Manchester. Other options include British Airways which flies out from Heathrow, as do Aeroflot. Journey time is typically around four hours.