Discover New Zealand’s breathtaking landscapes of dazzling alpine lakes, rolling pastures, sandy beaches, wild volcanoes, magical forests, fruit plantations and raging rapids – home to unique birds plants and animals found nowhere else on Earth. The stunning natural surroundings are also the perfect setting for exciting adventure activities and sports. Summer is the perfect season to head down to the beach for a BBQ, before hitting the surf in a boat, on a board or in a bathing suit and then rounding off with topping up your tan on the sandy shores. But this is also an island rich in history, still heavily influenced by the indigenous Maori culture. Travellers will also find fascinating museums, arts and architecture, modern cosmopolitan cities and some of the world’s finest food and wine.

New Zealand’s somewhat isolated location on the other side of the world means that getting that requires a long haul flight which can take a pinch out of the holiday budget. However good deals can be found from many carriers if you fly out of peak season or book well in advance. The airports in Auckland and Christchurch are the best served by flights from the UK and cost the least to get to, and Air New Zealand has the only direct flights with departures from Heathrow. Other flights to Auckland include those from Cathay Pacific, Malaysia Airlines, Thai, Emirates and Singapore Airlines.