Japan is an extraordinary. In this land of extremes where ancient ritual and dynamic pop culture live side by side you can expect a frenetic pace one day and a sublimely tranquil experience the next. Immerse yourself in traditional culture with temples, intricate Zen gardens, snow-capped mountains, geisha and samurai, tea ceremonies, bamboo forests and Kabuki theatre, or be dazzled by the glittering hi-tech – and often way out wacky – futuristic wonderlands of Japan’s cities, where the neon silhouettes of gleaming skyscrapers cut a backdrop for the chaotic thrills of Japanese nightlife with clubs and discos, saki and sushi, bustling night markets, and the downright bizarre clamour for your attention. This dynamic, distinctive and enigmatic nation offers a world of exotic delights for any palette, and a trip here is sure to blaze a trail through your memories.

The entry point for most visitors is Tokyo’s Narita Airport, followed by Osaka’s Kansai Airport and Nagoya’s Centrair Airport. British Airways, Virgin and Japan’s own two leading airlines – Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways ANA – operate direct flights from London to Tokyo which take around  twelve hours and cost anything from upwards of £500 – however there are special deals available so it’s definitely worth shopping around!