Want to visit India? Then prepare for an experience that will last a lifetime. This engaging, beautiful, exotic and chaotic country will assault and exalt your senses in equal measure. India is overflowing with intoxicating experiences – with an incredible mix of cultural and spiritual traditions, soaring mountains, tropical forests, serene beaches, stunning temples and palaces, amazing culinary delights, hectic cities and delightfully welcoming people all add to the spice that make up this challenging yet incredibly rewarding destination. Take a relaxed approach and make the time to leisurely explore this jewel of a country – see the sights, mix with the locals and absorb the maximum of everything India has to offer. The best advice is to go with the flow and be prepared for the unexpected!

A non-stop flight to the capital of Delhi from the UK takes around eight hours and costs in the region of £600. British Airways has daily flights from London Heathrow to Delhi, Bombay, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai. Flights are normally overnight. Other flight providers include Jet Airways (who also offer flights from Birmingham and Manchester), Virgin Atlantic and Air India. For a tour of northern India, fly into Delhi and for a taste of the south, head for Bengaluru for a great introduction to the delights of the Indian bazaar and the legacy of the maharajas.