It may be small, but the Czech Republic is abundant with impressive forests, magnificent mountains, opulent mansions, ancient castles, fantastic food and drink, great works of art, and architectural treasures. It benefits from a rich and eventful history, and at core lies the beautiful and historic city of Prague. Full of fairy-tale landscape, glittering towers, cathedrals, and physically divided by the grand Vltava River, Prague is exquisite in a way that captures hearts. It is a stunning backdrop to the modern and vibrant city that Prague has become, and travellers can indulge their senses with the energetic atmosphere, music, cultural art, fine dining and fabulous nightlife. During the coldest months Prague transforms into a winter wonderland with the landscape cloaked in crisp, clean snow it becomes utterly magical and sure to enchant young and old alike.

Want to experience the magic? Getting to the Czech Republic is easy, convenient and it won’t break the bank. The national carrier Czech Airlines flies from London, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol, and budget airline Easyjet also has direct flights to Prague from several British airports. Flight time is a mere 2 hours, so there’s all the more reason to visit and explore the riches  of the fabulous Czech Republic.