With its rapid pace of change,  captivating ancient culture, and awe-inspiring sights and scenery – China is a fascinating country that demands to be seen. A country filled with extremes, the capital of Beijing is the glittering jewel of the north, whilst the South is dominated by the natural spectacle of the Yangzi River. With a 5,000-year-old civilisation the culture and history are colourful and unique, and attractions like the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an, Beijing’s Forbidden City and royal palaces, and the infamous Great Wall are sure to enthral. For the adventurous. Explore the wild and diverse natural landscapes filled with gorgeous canyons, thrusting snow covered mountains, tropical rain forest, and crystal lakes. The major natural landscape types in the world can be found in this beautiful land. Savour the sensations and sample delicious authentic Chinese cuisine. However you decide to spend your time here, be sure to absorb all the wonders that this unique destination has to offer.

Direct flights take approximately 12 hours from Britain to China with major airlines such as Air China, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. Foremost flight destinations include Beijing,  Shanghai and Hong Kong, and flights depart daily from London Heathrow and other London Airports. Indirect flights are also available from Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Newcastle airports.