Brazil’s string of sensational beaches is legendary, with the Infamous Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro – bathed in sizzling sunshine and dripping with glamour – rating amongst one of the most iconic in the world. But Brazil is so much more than just its beaches. A rich colonial history and remarkable natural wonders are among the wealth of other treasures to be discovered – and the Amazon rainforest covers one third of the country, making it a must-see for nature lovers. The landscape is littered with natural attractions like the wildly beautiful Iguaçu Falls and the cities pulsate with a different kind of exotic wildlife, coming alive at night in a riot of sounds and sensations not to be missed.

The flight time from London to São Paulo or Rio is about 11 hours 30 minutes and fares can vary so it’s a good idea to shop around to get the best deals. Non-stop flights are available from major airlines including British Airways, and some great bargains can be found on indirect flights from London airports. When is a good time to visit? Anytime – so why not come and revel in the exciting carnival atmosphere and natural beauty of this fabulous destination.