Sure – Kangaroos and didgeridoos are on everyone’s list when it comes to the astounding destination of Australia – but this incredible continent has so much more diverse scenery, culture, wildlife, nightlife, food, and outdoor adventure that it’s impossible to not have an absolute blast. This stunning nation is chockablock with fabulous beaches, spectacular forest and mountain scenery, dramatic wide open spaces and beautiful National Parks for you to enjoy, as well as a selection of some of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the world. Perhaps most special of all though is the fabulous cultural heritage and warm welcome that awaits you. Take your own slice of this paradise and stay in a luxurious and tranquil island resort, or experience the wilds of the outback, or enjoy a world class performance at the Sydney Opera House.

It might be the other side of the world, but nevertheless Australia is an easily accessible holiday destination. Flight prices don’t have to be expensive as there are many cheap flights on offer all year round. Major airlines fly to Australia’s major cities from London and it takes around 24 hours to get there – but boy is it worth it! Bonza.