If you’re looking for a hotel with a difference you should look at some of these. Some of the most unique places to rest your head without compromising on luxury. Some of these are works of art, some are places of historical significance and some are close to nature but all are incredibly beautiful.

Ice Hotel, Jakkasjarvi, Sweden

The world’s first and largest ice hotel is located in a small town in northern Sweden, within the Arctic Circle. It’s 5,500 square meters of hotel is built entirely from snow and ice sourced locally form the Torne River. Artisit are invited to design particular areas of the hotel. Construction begins in March when 5000 tons of ice is harvested from the Torne River and kept in special cold storage until November. The hotel is perfect for seeing the northern lights and exploring the wilderness of the Arctic. The Art Suites are my favourite, each one designed and created by a different artist; this isn’t just a hotel, it’s a work of artPoledancing_1-1140x906

Spitbank Fort, Portsmouth, EnglandSpitbank Fort, Portsmouth, England.

Spitbank Fort was originally a sea fort, built from 1861 – 1878 as a defence for Portsmouth Harbour. In 1982 the ministry of defence sold it off and since then it has been used for a number of things; a museum, the venue for the 2009 Coalition Festival and even featured on TV’s ‘Most Haunted’ show. Now, however, this unique venue is a small luxury spa hotel with 8 bedroom suites. It can only be reached by boat from the Royal Clarence Marina in Gosport and you can book out the entire venue for your whole party or just a room for the night.

Nature Observatorio, Gandoca-Manzanillo, Costa Rica

The tree house hotel of Nature Observatorio is situated in one of the most undisturbed rain forests in the world; where the rainforests of Costa Rica meets the coral reefs of the Caribbean Ocean, this truly is a stunning place to stay. Built to never harm the trees in any way, the Observatorio is suspended from the trees using nylon straps, nothing is ever nailed or screwed into the tree and the plan is in a few years the Observatorio will be removed, refurbished and reassembled on a different tree. It uses rainwater and is solar powered but don’t let think for one minute you will be ‘roughing it’ with nature, this tree house has a fully modern bathroom and even a lift to get you from the forest floor to the canopy above, or if you’re feeling active you can always climb like the moneys.

Nature Observatorio

Tower Prendiparte or CoronataTorre Prendiparte, Bologna, Italy

Bologna’s second highest medieval tower that overlooks the old town is swimming in history and romance. This nine hundred year old tower has been carefully restored and preserved and is perfect for a unique night. It is perfect for couples or families celebrating special occasions and is very popular with locals and visitors. The twelve floors each with its own room lead up to a stunning panoramic rooftop terrace sixty five meters above Bologna.

Attrap Reves, France

Camping in a luxury eco-friendly bubble in one of five locations around France. No pesky insects, no awkward humidity and completely private, sleep under the stars in these unique bubbles. Each bubble is kept spherical by a silent blower, blowing cool fresh air into the bubble and at the end of the season they are deflated and put into storage until next year without any impact on the environment. Open and spacious yet private and so romantic this really is a different way to spend the night.

Attrap Reves