Not that you need them but here’s my top reasons to visit Europe this summer …

1 Neverending days:  Norway, Sweden and Finland. Midsummer festivals are popular choices in these three countries as the days all merge into one because the sun never sets! Enjoy the long days of summer while they last.

2 Beaches like this …



In Kefelonia Greece. This island is paradise, away from the crowds of tourists with amazing beaches and gorgeous blue water; swim, snorkel, dive, kayak or simply relax on the beach.

Glastonbury Festival3 Glastonbury Festival. The Pyramid stage, cider, theatre, arts and crafts, comedy and stuff for kids. Pack your VW campervan and get there (but don’t forget your wellies).

4 The Jungfraujoch. No I’m not making that word up. It’s the name for the top of the Alps railway in Switzerland.  At 11, 000 feet high and starting from Interlaken, Grindelwald or Wengen, head for the dizzying heights and beautiful sights of one of the highest points in Europe.

5 Florence, Italy. The heart of Tuscany and the birth place of the renaissance. Art, culture, food, wine and history all under the warm Italian sun. Incredible.

6 Island hopping in Croatia. The Elaphiti Islands lie just off the coast of Dubrovnik; can’t decide between a city break or beach and island paradise? You don’t have to choose with these islands, close enough to Dubrovnik for both but away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds.


7 The Ruins of Herculaneum are often overshadowed by that of Pompeii but are no less stunning. Destroyed by and earthquake then buried in sea mud during the eruption of Mt Vesuvius this ancient Roman city was remarkably well preserved for thousands of years.

Temple of Athena Nike8 The Temple of Athena Nike sits high above Athens on the Acropolis of Athens; the rocky citadel that overlooks the Greek capital city. Nike means victory in Greek and the temple was built to worship the Goddess Athena so she would stand by the Athenians in times of war.

9 Zurich Street Parade is one of the world’s largest techno street parades and it’s totally free! It’s an event that calls on everyone to live together in peace, love tolerance and respect. It’s one of the most colourful parties you’ll ever go to, so go party on the streets of Zurich for the biggest party of the summer.

San Fermin festival10 The week long San Fermin festival in northern Spain is most often associated with the Running of the Bulls but there’s much more to this deeply rooted festival than fireworks and fiestas; there are many folkloric and traditional Spanish events for you to get stuck into.

11 Almost straight out of a fairy tale, Buda Castle stands tall over Budapest. Take a tour around this Hungarian castle for kings and have a peak at not only the rich history of this exciting nation but also the views that this fantastic example of architecture reveals of Budapest.

Buda Castle

12 One of the best ways to spend your summer days is cycling across the flat planes of Holland. You don’t need to be an Olympic cyclist to cycle around Holland, its flat and easy. The Dutch countryside will look like it goes on forever but cycle past canals and windmills at your own pace and it won’t matter.

13 Santorini is possibly the most beautiful of the Greek Islands; clear blue waters overlooked by sheer cliffs topped with white washed houses. So why not get to the top of these wonderful cliffs by donkey. It’s a traditional way to get to the top of the cliffs and whilst it may not be the most comfortable, it will definitely be worth it when you get to the top.