So you’re not sure where your next holiday will be, you are scanning the many websites looking for that special place, have you thought about Hawaii? Here are 10 reasons below why Hawaii is the perfect place to visit.

1 Hawaii has many of the words beautiful and picturesque beaches, from the Hilo Beaches of Onekahakaha Beach Park, Kahaluu Beach that is located just 15 minutes south of Kona International airport to the fabulous North Kohala beaches that is located on Hawaii’s Big Island. Hawaii has an amazing selection of beaches that will suit all tastes and imaginations.

Hawaii-Beach-Beautiful2 But I don’t want to just lay on a beach! Hawaii is more than just a selection of fantastic beaches, another reason why you should take a trip to Hawaii lays in the amazing National and Historical Parks and sites. Hawaii is home to eight National Parks that are all different. If you would like to breathe in a spot of world history, then look no further than the Pearl Harbour

Historical landmark, this is located in central Oahu and is around 30 minutes from Waikiki, Pearl Harbour is the only Naval base that has been designated an historical landmark.


Hawaii Volcanoes, National Park, USA

3 Volcanoes! sorry let me rephrase this, Hawaii is home to a Volcano National Park, this is located around 30 miles southwest of Hilo. This particular Volcano National Park was founded in 1916 and is home to around 333,000 acres. While visiting this Park you can even treat yourself to a walkthrough of a 500 year old lava cave, temperatures may vary but the owners promise not to melt you with lava.

4 If a boiling hot Volcano doesn’t take your fancy, then why not visit Akaka Falls State Park, this is located in Hawaii’s “Big Island,” this trek involves seeing not one, but two fabulous waterfalls, marvel as you witness the free flowing clear water that is a wonder to behold.

5 But where’s the culture? don’t worry, Hawaii has that covered to, another reason to visit Hawaii the well renowned National Theatre, this is located within Honolulu, this theatre features all manner of cultural events, from plays to musicals to even a spot of silent films, oh and did I mention this theatre was a proud winner of the 2006 “Honour Award”, certainly an exciting place to visit.


Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle

6 If Wildlife takes your fancy then Hawaii boasts a vast array of animals, flowers and also sea creatures. Hawaii is home to over 10,000 species, with certain species that can only be found in Hawaii, also while you are there you can also see Whales and Hawaiian turtles, these include “Green sea turtles” and also the “Bottlenose Dolphins”

7 If you have children then Hawaii has many destinations that have been specially designed for Families, many of the Hotels offer fantastic attractions for children with specially designed menus that will also appeal to your nearest and dearest.

8 Do you play golf? do you visit your local golf club once a week? maybe more, well make your destination Hawaii for some of the best Golf Courses in the world, one such course can be found on the island of Kauai, there are also 10 golf courses at seven resorts within Kaui. You can even play an 18 or 27 hole course, but can you guarantee quality? when golf legend Jack Nicklaus has designed a golf course within the island of Kaui, you know you are getting value and an experience to remember.

9 Hawaii also encompasses wonderful cultural Museums and Art galleries, from incredible works of art, hand carved “Koa” Wood bowels to even an Astronomy centre within Hawaii, yes that right, Hawaii has its very own Astronomy centre that provides displays and exhibits to excite your creative ambitions. The diverse nature of Hawaii’s cultural history will act as the paint brush for a truly amazing adventure .

10 Hawaii is also a very popular destination for weddings and honeymoons, one such place out of many goes by the name of Lanai weddings, this is located on the island of Lanai. Imagine taking your wife to be on a romantic trip of a lifetime, this would be a truly unique experiences. If Bill Gates held his wedding in Lanai, yes that’s right, one of the world’s richest men chose Hawaii as the perfect destination for a trip of a lifetime, if he thinks Hawaii is good enough for him, then this is certainly a testament to Hawaii’s long lasting appeal.