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Travante is here to help you find the very best prices on over 200,000 hotels worldwide – by searching and comparing the leading hotel booking websites on the web. We check Expedia, LastMinute.com, Hotels.com and many more, to ensure that you’re getting the best deal you can – often saving you as much as 80%!

Here at Travante, we know you’re in a hurry! We’re here to take away the laborious task of entering your details into every different Hotel Booking website to try to find the best price for the hotel you want to stay at. All you have to do is enter the destination or hotel you want to visit and hit SEARCH. Travante will then provide you with the best hotels and prices to suit you.

Once you have your list of hotels, there are tonnes of features available for you to utilise to help you find the exact hotel you’re looking for. We let you refine your search by Star Rating, Hotel Features, Guest Ratings, Suburbs and more. You can also view the hotels available on a map, allowing you to make sure that the hotel you choose is in the right area for you.

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